Everyone knows how back-breaking it is for a designer to enter this industry. It demands everything from a designer and the side effects are anything but fashionable- Sleepless nights, heavy eye bags, unruly hair and God forbid, the amount of junkfood we eat just to feel better ….. The list is endless , You name it, we had it.

So here is where Marcellie comes in to help you attain your dreams. We started a charity fashion show which allows young aspiring designers to showcase their collection. We have a creative team of fashionably passionate people dedicated in helping you. All you have to do is to give/Make us your best work(s) that intertwines with our theme “ASPIRATIONS”.

Oh yeah, one more thing. We have also invited established designers to our show and they are coming not only to watch the show but to scout out potential interns. Thats right ! They are picking so do what you can to get picked !


1. This is opened to anyone who is below the age of 25
2. You choose either to give us menswear, womenswear or both.
3. Each designer must be able provide a minimum of 2 garments that intertwines with our theme, ASPIRATIONS.
4. All garments must be ready by 10 July 2012.
5. You must be present on 27July for the fashion show.


a) All decisions made by the organizers are final and no further correspondence will be entertained.
b) The organizers may reject any entry which has not fulfilled any of the above mentioned requirements.
c) The organizers reserve the rights to use and reproduce the artworks
d) The organizers reserve the right to change, amend or withdraw any of the guidelines stipulated without prior notice.
e) The organizers reserve the right to publicize and/or broadcast the winners’ names, likenesses, images or characters at any time the organizers deem fit.


We welcome any creative inputs from individual designers and we will ensure that one’s aesthetics and style are best represented. However, as this would be a collective show, there must be some sense of consistency throughout the pieces and as such, final decisions would ultimately be made by the show director.

Future appointments for a) Models selection b) Fittings c) Hair, Makeup and styling Consultations will be released to designers through email and we urge all designers to be present. The current dates of events are as follows so mark your calendars. Future appointments will be released to designers through email.

23 July (Monday) – first rehearsal
27 July (Friday) – rehearsal and actual event


Sign up here:

Requirements of Competition

Participants are required to design an outfit based on the theme of ASPIRATIONS. Designers must bear in mind that they must be able to create the actual design should their entry be shortlisted. They must also recognize that participation in the competition would require their commitment and involvement until the actual runway event (27 Jul 2012) should their designs get shortlisted.

For any questions or clarifications regarding this competition, feel free to contact